OneBox X6 System

OneBox X6 Projection System

OneBox X6 is the mobile fulldome projection system fully designed to deliver stationary planetarium-level quality to any portable dome of 8-12m (26-40 ft) in diameter. 
OneBox X6 features six projectors in one unit, auto-calibration and 2.5K resolution.


Key features:

  • Digital auto-calibration
  • Wireless control with iPad
  • Extremely fast setup
  • 2.5K resolution and exceptional brightness level
  • Media Server, 6 projectors and calibration system in a unibody housing
  • Match for the domes with diameter of 8 to 12 m (26 to 40 ft)
  • Removable projectors for ease of transportation and maintenance
  • Comes with professional transportation bags or flight cases.


Total brightness - 18 000 lumens

Effective brightness - 15 000 lumens

Total pixels - 6.14 million

Unique pixels - 5.10 million

Content resolution - 2.5k

Contrast (nominal) - 4 000:1

Projection technology - DLP

3D technology - active, dlp® link

Recommended dome size - 8-12m (26-40ft)

Unit dimensions - 1060 x 850 x 390 mm

Unit position - center of the dome

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